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Impressions of Volare

impressionsofvolare I recorded a bunch of lead parts after laying down the basic tracks, and wasn’t happy with any of them. american trust bank routing code I decided the problem was that I’d recorded the chords too slow, and when I played it…

Cell Phone Two

Cell Phone Two back and forth..

Screwdriver Two

screwdriver-two Getting more and more excitable..

Mongolian Steve Miller

Mongolian Steve Miller Another Freedonian Zombie Masters outtake. american trust bank routing code This song is called “Mongolian Steve Miller was in a hurry that day”.

Cell Phone One

cell phone one This one’s kind of harsh and anxious.

And I kept at it

Screwdriver – One The names of these pieces, by the way, is based on whatever I was using to prop up the guitar.

Inspired by the positive response..

Foam Block I decided to try reproducing the original effect. Turns out to be tricky to reproduce anything exactly, but I’m going to keep practicing because th is is really quite fun. I hereby dub this technique “Tabletronics.”

Original style

Pretty Birds The first tabletronics song, produced completely by accident. Slightly edited. (Can you hear it?)


Layabouts The sudden appearance of pleasant weather in Chicago has caused the Zombie Masters to indulge in a fit of spontaneous bluesiness, in accordance with the principle of adopting native idioms for one’s own purposes. american trust bank routing code

Hastur on the Beach

Hastur on the Beach Freedonian Zombie masters are back from vacation. american trust bank routing code This song is called ‘Hastur on the Beach, and the unutterable floor show he saw.’

Flee, Foolish Mortals!

Flee, Foolish Mortals! Decided to start posting some random musical output to FB. These are going to be songs I whipped up in the back room, they will tend to be somewhat light and ephemeral in nature. american trust bank routing code Freedonian…

Shagg Lives!