IN the middle ages, there were the commoners, who grew food and made things, the nobles, who did the fighting, and the church, who told people what to believe. Today, most of our middle class and upper class are in the business of…

Hexagram 15

The boys had made up their mind, after talking about it for months, and thinking about for even longer, they were going to break into the haunted whorehouse. It was Tom who made the decision official, and came up with the plan. He…

The Sultan’s nights

  It was the custom of the Sultan to take a new bride every evening, chosen by his advisers from among the young women of his people, to enjoy his carnal rights with her that evening, and to release her from his service…

Cause, ouch.

It never fails to amaze me when dentists fail to realize that this  sort of imagery that is not good marketing copy for them.

Red kryptonite?

Proof that Facebook serves up ads based on your browsing history, part 2: (‘Cause I’m a nerd.)

Playing with animated GIFs

Summer is coming to a close – Winter is coming – there will be Autumn, of course. There’s always autumn. Less slippery, more crunchy. Less smelly, more reflective. Ice cream glides in for a landing and parks in the hanger. Coming to a…

Word of the Day: Stackstand (n.)

A staging for supporting a stack of hay or grain; also called a staddle.

Word of the Day: Kyanize (v.)

 To render wood proof against decay by saturating with a solution of corrosive sublimate in open tanks, or under pressure.

Word of the Day: Telodynamic (adj.)

 Relating to the transmission of power to a distance, specifically by a system of ropes or cables and pulleys.

Word of the Day: Perflation (n.)

The act of blowing through a space to expel accumulated secretions.

Word of the Day: Gyrose (adj.)

Marked by wavy lines; undulate or sinuate.

Word of the Day: Isabnormal (n.)

An imaginary line, or a line on a chart, connecting or marking places on the surface of the earth having equal differences in a given time from the normal temperature of these places, or indicating differences between the calculated and actual temperatures of…

Word of the day: Hastate (adj.)

Spear-shaped or shaped like the head of a halberd.

Word of the Day : Hoggin (n.)

A material composed of screenings or siftings of gravel, or a mixture of loam, coarse sand, or fine gravel, used in making filter beds, as a bedding for metal roads, and the like.

Word of the Day: Rivulose (adj.)

Marked with irregular, narrow, sinuous, or crooked lines, like those indicating a river on a map.

Word of the Day: Temulent (adj.)

Intoxicated. Now rare.

Word of the Day: Ravissant (adj.)

Designating a beast of prey, especially a wolf, depicted as in the act of carrying off his prey, or in a half-raised position as if about to spring on prey.

Word of the day: Fizgig (n.)

A gadding, flirting girl or woman. Also, a kind of spear with barbed prongs, for hunting fish.

Word of the Day: Dysphoria (n.)

Impatience under affliction; morbid restlessness; dissatisfaction; the fidgets.

Word of the Day: Discobolus (n.)

A discus thrower. When capitalized, a statue of an athlete about to throw a discus, with the right arm extended backwards. The original statue, ascribed to Myron, is lost.

Word of the Day: Laciniate (adj.)

Fringed, having a fringed border; specifically, in Botany: cut into deep irregular lobes, the divisions coarser than when fimbriate.

Word of the Day: Gremial (adj.)

Of or pertaining to the lap or bosom.

Word of the Day: Keddah (n.)

An enclosure constructed to entrap wild elephants.

Word of the Day: Doulocracy (n.)

Government by slaves.

Word of the Day: Cyathiform (adj.)

Shaped like a cup, a little widened at the top.

Word of the Day: Costermonger (n.)

An apple seller; a hawker of any kind of fruit or vegetables from a cart, barrow or stall.

Word of the Day: Gam (n.)

A herd or school of whales, also, a visit between whalers at sea.

Word of the Day: Leucrocuta (n.)

A fabulous beast, said to imitate a man’s voice.

Word of the Day: Merycism (n.)

Rumination, chewing the cud; a phenomenon sometimes observed in man and usually associated with some sort of nervous mental disorder.

Word of the Day: Snath (n.)

The handle of a scythe.

Word of the Day: Virescent (adj.)

Beginning to be green; slightly green; greenish.

Word of the Day: Voussoir (n.)

Any of the tapering or wedge-shaped pieces of which an arch or vault is composed. The middle one is usually specifically called the keystone.

Word of the Day: Stallage (n.)

The right of erecting a a stall or stalls at a fair; a rent or toll for erecting a stall.

Word of the Day: Skive (v.)

To cut off, as leather, rubber, etc., in thin layers or pieces; to shave or pare , as hides.

Word of the Day: Siphuncle (n.)

A membranous tube running through the chambered sections of a cephalopod shell.

Word of the Day: Obturator (n.)

That which closes or stops an opening.

Word of the Day: Ullage (n.)

The amount by which a vessel of liquor, such as a cask, lacks of being full; wastage; deficiency.

Word of the Day: Gleymous (adj.)

Slimy; sticky; rheumy; clammy.

Word of the Day: Exequial (adj.)

Of or pertaining to funerals; funereal.

Word of the Day: Fatiferous (adj.)

Fate-bringing; deadly.

Word of the Day: Dilatant (adj.)

Expanding; having the property of increasing in volume; characterized by dilatancy.

Word of the Day: Quondam: (adj.)

Having been formerly; former; sometime. Said especially of a position, as “the quondam king.”

Word of the Day: Frapping (n.)

A lashing binding a thing tightly or binding things together.

Word of the Day: Rhonchus (n.)

An adventitious whistling or snoring heard on auscultation of the chest when the air passages are partly obstructed.

Word of the Day: Edulcorate (v.)

To render sweet; to free from acidity.

Word of the Day: Zareba (n.)

An improvised stockade, especially one made of thorn bushes.

Word of the Day: Dibble (n.)

A pointed implement used to make holes in the ground, especially for plants or seeds.

Word of the Day: Chirr (v.)

To make the vibrant or trilled sound peculiar to grasshoppers, cicadas, and some birds, or a sound like it. Also, the sound itself.