Word of the Day: Stackstand (n.)

A staging for supporting a stack of hay or grain; also called a staddle.

Word of the Day: Kyanize (v.)

 To render wood proof against decay by saturating with a solution of corrosive sublimate in open tanks, or under pressure.

Word of the Day: Telodynamic (adj.)

 Relating to the transmission of power to a distance, specifically by a system of ropes or cables and pulleys.

Word of the Day: Perflation (n.)

The act of blowing through a space to expel accumulated secretions.

Word of the Day: Gyrose (adj.)

Marked by wavy lines; undulate or sinuate.

Word of the Day: Isabnormal (n.)

An imaginary line, or a line on a chart, connecting or marking places on the surface of the earth having equal differences in a given time from the normal temperature of these places, or indicating differences between the calculated and actual temperatures of…

Word of the day: Hastate (adj.)

Spear-shaped or shaped like the head of a halberd.

Word of the Day : Hoggin (n.)

A material composed of screenings or siftings of gravel, or a mixture of loam, coarse sand, or fine gravel, used in making filter beds, as a bedding for metal roads, and the like.

Word of the Day: Rivulose (adj.)

Marked with irregular, narrow, sinuous, or crooked lines, like those indicating a river on a map.

Word of the Day: Temulent (adj.)

Intoxicated. Now rare.

Word of the Day: Ravissant (adj.)

Designating a beast of prey, especially a wolf, depicted as in the act of carrying off his prey, or in a half-raised position as if about to spring on prey.

Word of the day: Fizgig (n.)

A gadding, flirting girl or woman. Also, a kind of spear with barbed prongs, for hunting fish.

Word of the Day: Dysphoria (n.)

Impatience under affliction; morbid restlessness; dissatisfaction; the fidgets.

Word of the Day: Discobolus (n.)

A discus thrower. When capitalized, a statue of an athlete about to throw a discus, with the right arm extended backwards. The original statue, ascribed to Myron, is lost.

Word of the Day: Laciniate (adj.)

Fringed, having a fringed border; specifically, in Botany: cut into deep irregular lobes, the divisions coarser than when fimbriate.

Word of the Day: Gremial (adj.)

Of or pertaining to the lap or bosom.

Word of the Day: Keddah (n.)

An enclosure constructed to entrap wild elephants.

Word of the Day: Doulocracy (n.)

Government by slaves.

Word of the Day: Cyathiform (adj.)

Shaped like a cup, a little widened at the top.

Word of the Day: Costermonger (n.)

An apple seller; a hawker of any kind of fruit or vegetables from a cart, barrow or stall.

Word of the Day: Gam (n.)

A herd or school of whales, also, a visit between whalers at sea.

Word of the Day: Leucrocuta (n.)

A fabulous beast, said to imitate a man’s voice.

Word of the Day: Merycism (n.)

Rumination, chewing the cud; a phenomenon sometimes observed in man and usually associated with some sort of nervous mental disorder.

Word of the Day: Snath (n.)

The handle of a scythe.

Word of the Day: Virescent (adj.)

Beginning to be green; slightly green; greenish.

Word of the Day: Voussoir (n.)

Any of the tapering or wedge-shaped pieces of which an arch or vault is composed. The middle one is usually specifically called the keystone.

Word of the Day: Stallage (n.)

The right of erecting a a stall or stalls at a fair; a rent or toll for erecting a stall.

Word of the Day: Skive (v.)

To cut off, as leather, rubber, etc., in thin layers or pieces; to shave or pare , as hides.

Word of the Day: Siphuncle (n.)

A membranous tube running through the chambered sections of a cephalopod shell.

Word of the Day: Obturator (n.)

That which closes or stops an opening.

Word of the Day: Ullage (n.)

The amount by which a vessel of liquor, such as a cask, lacks of being full; wastage; deficiency.

Word of the Day: Gleymous (adj.)

Slimy; sticky; rheumy; clammy.

Word of the Day: Exequial (adj.)

Of or pertaining to funerals; funereal.

Word of the Day: Fatiferous (adj.)

Fate-bringing; deadly.

Word of the Day: Dilatant (adj.)

Expanding; having the property of increasing in volume; characterized by dilatancy.

Word of the Day: Quondam: (adj.)

Having been formerly; former; sometime. Said especially of a position, as “the quondam king.”

Word of the Day: Rhonchus (n.)

An adventitious whistling or snoring heard on auscultation of the chest when the air passages are partly obstructed.

Word of the Day: Frapping (n.)

A lashing binding a thing tightly or binding things together.

Word of the Day: Edulcorate (v.)

To render sweet; to free from acidity.

Word of the Day: Zareba (n.)

An improvised stockade, especially one made of thorn bushes.

Word of the Day: Dibble (n.)

A pointed implement used to make holes in the ground, especially for plants or seeds.

Word of the Day: Chirr (v.)

To make the vibrant or trilled sound peculiar to grasshoppers, cicadas, and some birds, or a sound like it. Also, the sound itself.

Word of the Day: Deerstalking (n.)

The hunting of deer on foot, by stealing upon them unawares.

Word of the Day: Cymophanous (adj.)

Having a wavy, floating light; opalescent; chatoyant.

Word of the Day : Couchant (adj.)

Lying down with the head raised.

Word of the Day: Dormition (n.)

Act of sleeping or falling asleep; sometimes, figuratively, death.

Word of the Day: Tasimeter (n.)

A modification of the microphone for detecting or measuring minute extensions or movements of solid bodies (and hence changes of temperature) by the changes of pressure produced.

Word of the Day: Tardiloqent (adj.)

Slow of speech.

Word of the Day: Sinuate (adj.)

To bend or curve in and out; to wind; to be sinuous.

Word of the Day: Unbaized (adj.)

Not covered with baize.