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Word of the Day: Cymophanous (adj.)

Having a wavy, floating light; opalescent; chatoyant.

Word of the Day : Couchant (adj.)

Lying down with the head raised.

Word of the Day: Dormition (n.)

Act of sleeping or falling asleep; sometimes, figuratively, death.

Word of the Day: Tasimeter (n.)

A modification of the microphone for detecting or measuring minute extensions or movements of solid bodies (and hence changes of temperature) by the changes of pressure produced.

Word of the Day: Tardiloqent (adj.)

Slow of speech.

Word of the Day: Sinuate (adj.)

To bend or curve in and out; to wind; to be sinuous.

Word of the Day: Unbaized (adj.)

Not covered with baize.

Word of the Day: Quincunx (n.)

An arrangement of five things with one at each corner and one at the middle of a square, esp. of trees.

Word of the Day: Popeling (n.)

A petty or deputy pope.

Word of the Day: Countermure (v.)

To fortify with a wall behind another wall.

Word of the Day: Chantant (adj.)

Of a melodious and singing style; tuneful.

Word of the Day: Cionotome (n.)

An instrument for amputating the uvula.

Word of the Day: Demonifuge (n.)

A charm, spell, or the like against demons.

Word of the Day: Concionator (n.)

A haranguer of the people; a preacher.

Word of the Day: Collar-proud (adj.)

Restive in harness.

Word of the Day: Excursive (adj.)

Of the nature of an excursion or digression; also, prone to make excursions; digressive; wandering; roving; exploring.

Word of the Day: Dysmimia (n.)

Impairment of the power of using gestures to express thoughts.

Word of the Day: Fillip (v.)

To strike with the nail of the finger, first placed against the ball of the thumb, and forced from that position with a sudden spring; to snap with the finger.

Word of the Day: Stylolite (n.)

A small, longitudinally grooved column, of the same material as the rock (usually limestone) in which it occurs.

Word of the Day: Crapaud (n.)

A jewel or precious stone supposed to come from the head of a toad.

Word of the Day: Eleemosynary (adj.)

Relating or devoted to charity, alms, or almsgiving.

Word of the Day: Razee (v.)

To cut down to a lesser number of decks, as a ship; hence, to prune or abridge by cutting off or retrenching parts, as to razee a book.

Word of the Day: Sciolism (n.)

Superficial knowledge; a show of learning without substantial foundation.

Word of the Day: Ranarium (n.)

A place for keeping or rearing frogs.

Word of the Day: Tenesmus (n.)

An urgent and distressing sensation, as if a discharge from the intestines or the bladder must take place, although none can be effected.

Word of the Day: Dog Tongs (n.)

A kind of tongs formerly used to pull dogs from under pews, etc., in churches.

Word of the Day:Rupiculous (adj.)

Living among, inhabiting, or growing on rocks.

Word of the Day: Ween (v.)

To suppose; think; believe; imagine; to expect. Archaic.

Word of the Day: Intragant (n.)

An intriguing person; an intriguer.

Word of the Day: Metestick (n.)

A device to level cargo or measure a hold, consisting of a standard with a sliding board or stick projecting at right angles.

Word of the Day: Frass (n.)

The refuse or excrement left by insect larvae.

Word of the Day: Counterpoison (n.)

A poison that counteracts another poison.

Word of the Day: Ciconine (adj.)

Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the storks.

Word of the Day: Estacade (n.)

A dike of piles, or any arrangement of similar objects in the sea, a river, etc., to check the approach of an enemy or to protect a bridge against floating bodies sent down by an enemy.

Word of the Day: Fracedinous (adj.)

Producing heat from putrefaction; of or pertaining to, or arising from, putrefaction.

Word of the Day: Oppugnant (adj.)

Tending to awaken hostility; opposing; warring.

Word of the Day: Vergal (adj.)

Made of twigs.

Word of the Day: Sideromancy (n.)

Divination by observing straws burning on red-hot iron.

Word of the Day: Semihore (n.)

A half hour. Now obsolete.

Word of the Day: Torrefy (v.)

To subject to heat; to dry or roast by a fire; to parch or scorch.

Word of the Day: Probang (n.)

A slender elastic rod, as of whalebone, with a sponge on the end, for removing obstructions from the esophagus, etc.

Word of the Day: Gnomon (n.)

Any object which by the position or length of its shadow serves as an indicator, especially of the hour of the day.

Word of the Day: Orogeny (n.)

The process of mountain making, especially by folding of the crust.

Word of the Day: Crannog (n.)

A hut built upon piles in a lake or a bog.

Word of the Day: Filipendulous (adj.)

Suspended by, or strung upon, a thread.

Word of the Day: Cataplasm (n.)

A poultice, often medicated.

Word of the Day: Unseven (v.)

To render other than seven. (Obsolete)

Word of the Day: Sheeny (adj.)

Bright, beautiful, shining, radiant.

Word of the Day: Vesicatory (adj.)

Tending, or having power, to raise a blister.

Impressions of Volare

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